live music to make you move

STATTIC is a Connecticut-based hip-hop, house, and dance band. Live shows are where STATTIC feels at home. Improvisation is at the forefront of the music, and every show is unique. 


STATTIC is a CT-based band aiming to create and perform engaging, exciting live music. Performing regularly in New England, STATTIC has built a reputation of bringing a unique live show to any venue. 

STATTIC brings original house and hip hop music along with honoring and reimagining the classics of these genres. With influences spanning from A Tribe Called Quest to Kaytranada to Michael Jackson, this band continues to study and push the music they love. 

In recent months, STATTIC has been on an upward trajectory, beginning with winning the 2023 UCONN Battle of the Bands. Following this success, STATTIC has performed at the ECPAA Jazz Festival, Rose Arts Festival, Particle Accelerator Festival, and will be playing at the 2023 Hartbeat Music Festival.