about Evan wood

Raised in Connecticut, Evan Wood has been playing drums since a year old. His passion for music began at a young age through playing music with his dad, a rock guitar player. With his roots in groove-based music, Evan spent his time listening to music and playing along to recordings. This self-taught approach was important in his development as a musician. 

Evan continued to develop his drumming and musicianship through middle and high school jazz band programs. There he developed a love for improvisational music. During high school, Evan began playing professionally, mainly with Stattic, a hip hop/house band that he currently leads. After graduating from The Woodstock Academy, Evan began studying music at Eastern Connecticut State University, where he las led the jazz combo for multiple semesters. During his time at Eastern, Evan began studying with prominent jazz drummer Jonathan Barber.

Evan is currently finishing up his degree at ECSU. He is an on-call sideman in the Connecticut jazz scene and leads multiple bands, including Stattic, and his own jazz combo. Focusing on improvisational music, Evan is typically found playing hip-hop, straight-ahead jazz, funk, and house music. Evan aims to push the boundaries of all of the "genres" he plays, while maintaining the tradition of the music and honoring those who created it. 


Email: woodevan2002@gmail.com

Phone: 860-428-9942